About Baby and Me – Tobacco Free Program™️

The BABY & ME – Tobacco Free Program™ is an evidence-based, smoking cessation program created to reduce the burden of tobacco on the pregnant and postpartum population. Mississippi is one of 24 states offering this telehealth program with the Mississippi Department of Health Office of Tobacco Control.

Local Implementation and Enrollment Sites

Local agencies that implement the program employ Facilitators that are certified by the National BMTFP to conduct the program. At certified local BMTFP sites, eligible pregnant women are offered and encouraged to enroll in the program.

  1. Individualized Counseling: Participants attend counseling cessation sessions to receive education and support for quitting tobacco and staying quit. Sessions are conducted in person with a certified BMTFP Facilitator.
  2. Biomarker Feedback: Each participant is tested with an in clinic hand-held carbon monoxide (CO) monitor at each visit.
  3. Contingency Management: Participants are incentivized to achieve and maintain tobacco cessation. When tobacco-free, participants qualify to receive a $25 voucher, a restricted gift card that can be used to purchase diapers and/or baby wipes in participating stores and online. Vouchers can be earned during the pregnancy period at Prenatal sessions 3 and 4, and at all Postpartum Sessions following delivery. Enrolled support partners are also eligible to receive vouchers in the postpartum period. Vouchers can be distributed in physical card or electronic format.

For more information about the program, contact Camille Brown at (770) 502-5351 or camille@bmtfp.org.

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