An essential and distinguishing element of the Health Center Program is governance by and for the people served. Federally-funded health centers must have a governing body which assumes full authority and oversight responsibility for the health center. Governance requirements for health centers are addressed in law, regulations, and policies.

Health center governing boards maintain appropriate authority to oversee the operations of the center, including:

  • Holding monthly meetings
  • Approval of the health center grant application and budge
  • Selection/dismissal and performance evaluation of the health center CEO
  • Selection of services to be provided and the health center hours of operations;measuring and evaluating the organization’s progress in meeting its annual and long-term programmatic and financial goals and developing plans for the long-range viability of the organization by engaging in strategic planning, ongoing review of the organization’s mission and bylaws, evaluating patient satisfaction, and monitoring organizational assets and performance
  • Establishment of general policies for the health center

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