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FHC is a Comprehensive Primary PCMH AAAHC Accredited CHC

The Pediatrician serves as a member of the medical center provider team performing a variety of direct patient care services including diagnostic procedures, taking patient history, formulating, initiating an monitoring the total patient management plan for patients of the FAMILY HEALTH CENTER, INC.


1. Obtaining complete medical history from the patient, previous medical record, etc.
2. Performing complete physical examinations on patients.
3. Ordering routine and diagnostic laboratory and x-ray studies.
4. Diagnosing acute and chronic illnesses on the basis of clinical findings, laboratory and x-ray reports and the results of other diagnostic procedures.
5. Formulating, initiating and monitoring patient management plans for each patient in the clinic and hospital setting.
6. Adjusting medications according to therapeutic goals and explaining treatment to patients, families and other clinical personnel.
7. Consulting with other members of the health care team as necessary.
8. Referring patients requiring hospitalization or assessment and management of conditions to the appropriate specialist, or in-patient facility.
9. Rendering emergency care and treatment, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation, starting IV fluids, fluid expanders and medications, suturing of lacerations.
10. Teaching and counseling of patients and families.
11. Maintaining all records to comply with required standards, reviewing records regularly as a part of quality assurance activities.
12. Participating in periodic review of the written policies governing services provided by FAMILY HEALTH CENTER, INC.
13. Participating with the Medical Director in a periodic review of the patients’ health care records.
14. Performing other necessary duties as required by the FAMILY HEALTH CENTER, INC. to meet the goals of providing primary health care services.

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