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Membership Information
The Community Health Center Association of Mississippi (CHCAMS), formerly the Mississippi Primary Health Care Association, is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) membership organization representing the interests its members in efforts to improve access to health care for the medically underserved and indigent populations of Mississippi. CHCAMS also provides a variety of services to its member including assistance with recruitment of health care professionals, education and training activities, technical assistance, and national and state-based advocacy.

There are four types of CHCAMS members:

Organizational Members

For Federally Qualified Health Centers only.

Associate Members

For public or non-profit community based health care providers.

Business Members

For organizations which support the CHCAMS mission or transact business with CHCAMS or its members.

Individual Members

For anyone who supports the CHCAMS mission and is not currently employed by an organizational or associate member.