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This program will:

  • Boost your confidence to be more prepared for your next health care visit.
  • Show you how to become more engaged in your medication management and how to better understand medication labels.
  • Make your way around the health care system to find just the care you need.

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At the Community Health Center Association of Mississippi, we focus on patients gaining knowledge that leads to empowerment when interacting with their healthcare providers and healthcare systems.

Numerous studies report that many patients feel inadequate when interacting with their healthcare provider. Often, we don’t understand the medical advice given, or don’t fully understand how to read the instructions on newly prescribed medications, etc.

A person’s health literacy can also be based on whether the individual can read, write, or hear well.

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As a Community Care Partner, you will:

  • Learn how to better navigate your doctor visits (and help others do the same).
  • Understand your health care instructions and what important questions you should ask your health care provider.