COVID-19 Vaccines and Boosters are available at Community Health Center clinics
in Mississippi and other locations.

Experts say that COVID-19 will be a disease we will need to take preventive measures against now and in the future. Getting your COVID-19 vaccine and booster is your best defense against becoming very ill or dying from the virus. Another tool to avoid getting very sick from COVID-19 is to take care of your health now…lose weight, exercise, and get any disease you may have under control. What You Need to Know About XBB.1.5, the Latest Omicron Variant (1-9-2023)

Educational Resources Focused on COVID-19

Health education resources are available at the National Center for Primary Care/Morehouse School of Medicine. Access the website for the toolkit here. 


“Take a Minute for Your Health with Dr. Sonja Fuqua” are short, educational health-related tips to get you started on your health and wellness journey.

The Vaccine Plus Program is an initiative to support your access to health care for the COVID-19 vaccine and much more.

Community Health Centers see all persons for comprehensive quality primary health care, oral health, behavioral health, and connect community members to other services, such as resources for food and employment.

Health Center providers are partners with patients.  This includes monitoring and management of diabetes, hypertension, and any other conditions.  Although all insurances are accepted, you can be seen even if you’re without health insurance.